Saturday, 8 June 2013

A few changes...

Wow I can't believe that it has been almost exactly two years since I blogged about our "new" garden. We are now approaching our third summer here and there have been a few changes since I last wrote.

Needless to say, although there has been some planting done - I couldn't have survived three years without getting dirt under my fingernails! we haven't got round to the landscaping part yet.

It is such a beautiful day here that I couldn't resist taking some pics, and where better to share them than here?

So here we are - fast forward two years from my last post aaaand...

We are so lucky to have this view from our kitchen window! (the white sacks are full of paving setts ready for the next phase of the garden development)

We have only really planted up the outside edges of the garden ("centrifugal gardening" as I call it) because we knew we would be landscaping the inner area and didn't want to have to transplant too much during the building process.

Yes those are chickens you can see there - they are stunt chickens hired for the photo shoot! No, just kidding, actually they are very free range chickens from next door but one - but we really enjoy having them pay us a visit - no eggs yet though!

And finally our poppy Patty's Plum has just burst in to flower so I thought I'd share her lovely colour with you.

Don't know when I'll blog again - but hopefully with some landscaping progress shots...

Gardening is a matter of 
your enthusiasm holding up 
until your back gets used to it


  1. Thanks for inviting me into your lovely garden, Maisie.

  2. Hi Maisie. Looking at your beautiful plants, it is hard to believe your garden is only 2 years old. Can't wait to see what else you do with your space. I too love to garden. We raise chickens and used to let them free range but they kept scratching holes in all of my perennial beds. So we fenced them in a bit. Today I was out weeding in the flowers when a group of them went sauntering by. I realized I had forgotten to shut the door when I let them out in their pen this morning! They were visiting their old digging grounds. :) A chase ensued.

  3. How pretty. Hope to see whatever you 're planning here. X Flo


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