Saturday, 18 June 2011

A very quick post

One of the most wonderful things about our new home in the country is the incredible variety of feathered neighbours we have. I can spend (waste??) hours every day sitting in the conservatory just watching the birds visiting the feeders and am probably going to become very boring telling you about them. I have to share this with you though. Yesterday after bringing the mini Moonshines home from school I thought I'd just have a cuppa and a sneaky read of my new book (thanks Mum) in the conservatory before making tea (fisherman's pie - delicious went down a treat with all the Moonshines (a miracle in itself!) (thanks Mum again!). Where was I - oh yes, just walked in to the conservatory with book and cuppa when a bird of prey landed on the paddock fence for a second and then flew off again. Wow I thought that came in close - about six metres away from where I was standing. So being a bit organised I grabbed the camera and waited...

Well, for the next three hours I played camera cat and mouse with a male kestrel who kept flying in to the paddock, landing for a nano second and then soaring off again. Needless to say he was just too quick for me to photograph on the ground but I did manage to get him perched in the trees. Thank goodness for ultra-zoom!

So here are a couple of my kestrel pics - hope you like them.

And here he is enlarged in Photoshop so I apologise for the loss of definition.

I'm hoping he comes back again today so that I can try and get him on the ground.

Look at the trees, look at the birds,
look at the clouds, look at the stars...
and if you have eyes you will be able to see
that the whole existence is joyful.



  1. Lovely photo there, Maisie. Looking forward to more

    We only have a little garden but do get the bird visitors. One year we had a Sparrowhawk.. bit of a surprise as we live in a seaside town, not exactly where I would have expected to have the bird of prey sitting in the garden looking quite at home!!

  2. Great pic. They are wonderful birds to look at. I hope you will let us see more of your feathered friends in the future.


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