Friday, 24 July 2009


Time flies - how true.

I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged on Garden Crazy!

Needless to say our baby birds have left both the nest and the garden and I must admit I am enjoying the peace and quiet. The parents were very loving, concerned and "wings on", getting their feathery knickers in a twist at almost anything, including, I'm pretty certain, if the wind was blowing the wrong way. They insisted on making their very penetrating alarm call from about 5 in the morning until about 11 at night and I've got to say it was beginning to make me just a teeny bit GRUMPY!

The garden has changed considerably from the photos in the last post and if the current monsoon lets up for long enough I'll try and beat a path through the jungle and take some photos.

In the mean time here are a couple of shots of our latest piece of garden "art". We wanted something to go on a bare piece of fence which we couldn't grow anything over as we need to keep the way clear for access round the side of the house. We thought a piece of metal art would be in keeping with the whole contemporary feel of the garden but couldn't find anything with the right scale and impact and then we saw this...


Which we fell in love with and which looks just right in its new home on our patio.

Clock in-situ

Got to admit the hosta in the picture above now looks like a doily - the loss of our hedgehog at the end of last summer has had serious repercussions for the garden and the slugs and snails are getting out of control!

Though snails are exceeding slow,
There is one thing I'd like to know.
If I out run 'em round the yard,
How come they beat me to the chard?
Allen Klein


  1. Wow that is some clock. Now if you want to know the time you won't need the policeman!

  2. I like your clock, you'll know when it's elevenses or threeses or whatever -ses you fancy. Glad it's not a cuckoo clock though.


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