Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Very exciting news today.

We have a family of blackbirds who are nesting in the black elder in our long border. Last night Mr M and I sat out having our evening cuppa watching as Mr & Mrs Blackbird took it in turns to bring food home for the chicks.

Today, I chanced to look out of the kitchen window just as one baby flew the nest (I say flew, slight exaggeration, baby blackbirds don't have developed tail feathers when they fledge, so baby kind of flollopped). Of course, I didn't have my trusty Olympus on hand to capture the moment but I hightailed it upstairs, grabbed the camera and a little while later managed to grab these long range shots from the patio.

Baby Blackbird in Lemon Balm

Baby Blackbird in Camomile

Of course the poor thing is very vulnerable at the moment as it can't fly and we are surrounded by particularly evil cats. I'm just hoping that this baby and those still in the nest make it. I'll keep you updated.

All that in this delightful garden grows should happy be and have immortal bliss.
Edmund Spencer


  1. What lovely pics Maisie, We've had some blackbirds nesting in our garden but haven't been fortunate enough to see them as they fledge. We have been enjoying watching a father sparrow feeding on sunflower hearts and then feed his young as they flutter frantically whilst trying to keep their balance. Back to blackbirds.- Thank you Mr. Blackbird for relieving us of some large slimy slugs even if you do have to bash them about a bit first.
    Hope the rest of your blackbird family make it past the evil cats.

  2. I hope your baby makes it. I wonder if he or she will have any brothers or sisters? Do let us know.


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