Monday, 11 May 2009


Is it me are are we suffering from unseasonal wind? (Well not me suffering from wind obviously, because of course I'm a lady and one simply just doesn't!) But LOOK what it's been and gone and done to me Euphorbia...

Spiflicated Euphorbia

Spiflicated! And it was looking soooo lovely. This is Euphorbia Martinii and one of our favourites, its grows quite quickly and puts out a fabulous, long lasting, display of chartreuse green flowers with bright red centres. Now it's been squished flat by this horrible cold wind we're getting here in Stafford at the moment - are you suffering from it too?

I'm dreading doing the nightly tour just now as this wind is wreaking havoc on all the plants which are top heavy with new growth - I'm hoping my lovely alliums, just on the brink of bursting forth like lovely lavender fireworks, can take the strain.

On a brighter note though, my May favourites, the Aquilegias, are looking lovely. Here are some fab pics Moonshine Minor took a couple of evenings ago.

Gorgeous Granny's Bonnets

When the tete-a-tete are over, and the roses yet to bloom. You'll see the Granny's Bonnets dispel the winter's gloom. Their nodding heads so finely made in shades of pink or blue. Their rainbow colours dancing, a mix of ev'ry hue. My favourite garden flower, so pretty and so sweet. The lovely Aquilegia, my early summer treat.

More from the grounds at Moonshine Manor anon, must go and Blog @ Maisie Moonshine's - ah me - my virtual life is soooo hectic.

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.
Chinese proverb


  1. We are having a lot of strong winds here too. Damage not as noticeable though as our aquilegias haven't yet come into flower and we seem to be suffering more from pigeon damage-- they are just on the trample. We've just been doing a stack of re-potting and feeding with well-known fertilisers. We pot up lots of small plants and donate them to school fairs etc. Just concerned about the hanging baskets as to whether they will survive- (green) fingers crossed.

  2. Please come and sort out my weed patch. Love M- photos. Did you let him have a go with the new camera?

  3. Let M- use the new camera? NO CHANCE!!!! They were taken with the old camera, which he has adopted as his own!


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